What is Public Engagement with Research?

“Public Engagement is essential if universities are to maximise their value to wider society”

Professor Mary Stuart, 2017

Public engagement is about sharing the benefits of research with wider society and doing so in a two-way process with interaction, participation and learning. It is central to research excellence, with 47% of case studies that appeared in the REF2014 (Research Excellence Framework) having an element of public involvement in research.

Examples might include (click the links for examples) consultation, participation, talks, interactive events (e.g. Lincoln’s LiGHTS or Future 2.0) or demonstrations, short courses, exhibitions, social media & more. This provides opportunities for new partnerships and higher quality, more informed research.

Like many universities, Lincoln has signed up to the manifesto for public engagement, showing their commitment to share “knowledge, resources and skills with the public” and to listen to and learn from “the insight of the different communities with which we engage” (NCCPE 2017) in response, in part, to the Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research, outlining expectations of research funders around public engagement.

Public engagement with research champion and research partner, funder and driver Wellcome Trust on why public engagement with research is important;

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