What is PEARL?

Public Engagement for All with Research at Lincoln (PEARL)

PEARL (Public Engagement for All with Research at Lincoln) one of thirteen projects funded by the UKRI’s SEE-PER grants aiming to enhance public engagement with research. PEARL is working to further develop support, opportunities, networks, resources and visibility for the University of Lincoln’s public engagement with research activities so it can fully deliver on its potential to engage, inform, benefit and inspire wider publics.

PEARL is supporting staff and students by:
  • increasing capacity to carry out public engagement with research through funding and support offered through the PEARL Activity Grants scheme (now open for 2018-19)
  • celebration of public engagement with research through an Vice Chancellor’s Public Engagement with Research Awards and the Lincoln Award
  • opportunities to share and network around public engagement with research at Lincoln through an annual PEARL Conference
  • designing and running Training/CPD (April/May 2019) to help staff and students develop their ability to run engagement activities including ‘Evaluation’ of activities, ‘Activity Planning’ and engagement with different ‘Audiences & Publics’
  • building a directory of staff and student engagement activities at Lincoln and inclusion of engagement with research in staff appraisals
  • an events calendar and archive and monthly newsletters to help develop visibility of staff and student activities both internally and externally
  • developing an annual timeline of opportunities to be involved in public engagement with research including Pint of Science and Being Human Festival
  • continued research on what staff, student & public think about public engagement with research and what they would like more of.